Point of Balance Pilates & Wellness is a fully certified Polestar and Stott Pilates studio nestled within the Fulton neighborhood, just blocks away from 50th & France, Edina. Established in 2009 by Courtney Klocke, the sole owner and instructor within her private residential studio setting. Courtney’s mission is to provide an approachable, non-intimidating Pilates practice within her tranquil studio, as well as outside of her studio through her online workouts and corporate wellness training.

Pilates should be attainable for everyone, at all levels, both physically and financially. Pilates should be enjoyable, effective and educational, to ensure each client translates this intelligent movement into their daily lives. In essence, easing tension and pain, while enhancing the freedom of movement throughout the body, giving way to a better quality of life.

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I often think back to the day when I walked into my first Pilates class, back in 2004. I was dining with a friend at a local neighborhood restaurant as an acquaintance of ours passed by on her way out to a Pilates class. Neither of us had any clue as to what Pilates was, nor did we really enjoy exercising, but we found ourselves on our mats in class that very same evening. To my surprise, it was completely different from any other exercise class (or video) I had ever experienced. I didn’t exactly experience an “aha” moment initially (as Oprah called it). Plain and simple, it just felt right to continue. Put into words of what I knew then: I had finally found a non-intimidating modality of exercise that awakened my body in ways I didn’t know existed. How could such small, subtle movements leave me feeling so strong, energized and coordinated? I didn’t understand it at the time, but my curiosity continued to bring me back for more.
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Fast forward two years later to 2006, I delved into Pilates even further and obtained my Stott Pilates Certification from the Sweat Shop in St. Paul, MN. At the time, I was working and pursuing a career in the medical field (Pathology to be specific), and I just couldn’t ignore the correlation between illness/injuries and the quality of life. I have always considered myself healthy and pain-free, but after each Pilates class I left feeling so confident and in-control of a healthy balanced mind, and body. I had discovered the potential to take charge of my own health and wellbeing by living through the Pilates principles. That was my “Aha” moment! I couldn’t ignore something of this magnitude. It needed to be shared! All of us have imbalances that cause us unnecessary tension or pain. We all have a faulty posture we fall into which leads us to fatigue. And many of us lack the coordination, control and mobility to perform our daily tasks and activities. With a decade of Pilates experience behind me, I have learned from my clients, that it is never too late to start. No matter where you are in life, Pilates can prepare you for the expected as well as the unexpected (athletic performances, pregnancy, job/daily activities, surgery, injuries, etc…). Just give it a try. Allow yourself to explore. I’m so glad I did.



Point of Balance Pilates studio is equipped with two Reformer/ Tower Table Combo Units, two Pilates Stability Chairs and Barrels to provide the highest quality Pilates sessions (Solo or Duo Instruction). Courtney strives on spending time with each individual to ensure the Pilates exercises are selectively chosen and tailored to the individual’s comfort level and ability. Working safely and efficiently towards realistic goals.


Point of Balance provides Pilates based fitness to companies of all trades and sizes, building a wellness program specific to the employee’s needs and energies. Courtney creates classes specifically to help employees reduce stress, increase energy and productivity. Classes are designed in a variety/choice of layouts tailored to groups with a wide range of ages and fitness abilities.


The best way to get started with Pilates at Point of Balance is to contact Courtney Klocke directly to discuss and schedule your first Solo Pilates Session. Pilates Packages are available for purchase in the pricing section below or pay directly in studio. The Introductory Package is a great way to get started!
We ask that before you come to the studio you take a few minutes to fill out these forms:



The Introductory package is designed for new clients to offer 3 informative sessions, providing an introduction to Pilates, the equipment and the studio.


Solo Sessions


Duo Sessions



*If you alternate between Solo and Duo sessions, for simplicity, you may purchase any one of the Solo Packages listed above and Point of Balance Pilates will deduct either a solo rate or a duo rate at the discounted package price until your balance is $0.00.
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  • if you purchase a package of 15 Solo Sessions for $840 (already discounted 15%), Point of Balance Pilates will deduct per session, depending on Solo or Duo participation at a 15% discounted rate to reflect the package deal (One Solo Session = $56 and One Duo Session = $34), until the balance of the package is $0.
  • If you purchase a Solo Package of 10 for $590 (already discounted 10%) your Solo and Duo rates deducted each session would reflect the 10% discounted rate (One Solo Session = $59 and One Duo Session = $36).
  • If you purchase a Solo Package of 5 for $310 (already discounted 5%), your Solo and Duo rates deducted each session would reflect the 5% discounted rate (One Solo Session = $62 and One Duo Session = $38).

Please notify Point of Balance Pilates if you wish to choose this package option. Thank you.


Interested in fitting in more workouts or continuing your Pilates practice when you travel?

Anywhere, anytime Pilates and fitness!

Stream Point of Balance’s workout videos to your computer, smart phone or tablet. All our videos are available through Youtube for FREE. Enjoy a growing library of Pilates based workouts, ranging from contemporary Pilates to Barre work, to muscle and joint post-rehabilitation work.

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After a few beginning sessions, I now see how Pilates is the best method for me to reach my fitness goals. I always leave my Pilates sessions feeling energized and I am always excited to learn more!”
– Terece

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I knew at each session that Courtney had been thinking about my specific needs. The Pilates workouts were always just what I needed and they have transformed my life. I am much more active now, more balanced and flexible. My golf game has improved, I’m back on my bicycle and I feel more whole thanks to her knowledge and ability to help me understand how to better care for myself.

I am convinced that if I hadn’t trained with Courtney, the future would look less promising for me.
— Barbara

Courtney is always prepared. She did extra research to find exercises specifically for my body, which helped greatly! She took charge from the beginning, very mindful of my performance, and adapted exercises to my fitness level and abilities. My posture and strength have greatly improved from Pilates!

— MaryAnn

My best Pilates experience was with Courtney, as she was very encouraging and made me feel very comfortable as I was learning. I am now ready for advance Pilates work!

— Joan

March 2011, I hired Courtney Klocke of Point of Balance Pilates to conduct weekly Pilates mat classes at our Quadion Corporation and Minnesota Rubber & Plastics headquarters. Courtney held an informational meeting for those with questions and concerns, and then the classes were offered to all 100 employees. We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of interest; over 35 people signed up for the classes. Courtney’s mat classes were so well received due to her enthusiasm and caring attitude that our numbers stay around 25 participants each week.
Quadion Corporation and Minnesota Rubber & Plastics care for its employees’ health and wellness and offering these classes was one way to illustrate this initiative. However, never did we think these classes would have such an impact. This, in itself, is a testiment to Courtney’s abilities. The employees who participate in her classes report that they feel energized by the workout, and are seeing positive changes in both their strength and flexibility. Here is a sampling of some of the comments we have received from our employees:

“I think Pilates is the perfect exercise for the workplace.”

“Courtney does a good job of always saying, if you’re not comfortable doing this, you can…”

“Thank you for putting this program in place.”

“I love Courtney and everything she has brought to class.”

We are very pleased with this feedback from our employees, and know that any positive change in the health of our employees will ultimately benefit the overall health of our organization.

— Laura Johnson (Executive Assistant of Quadion Corporation)


Courtney Klocke

5320 Chowen Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55410

Telephone: 952-454-8821

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